Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite New Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015


Top Ten Tuesdays meme is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and this week’s theme is the top 10 new authors I read in 2015. Many of them are established, some are even international bestsellers but I picked up reading again in late 2014 and discovered those great names this year. I haven’t done that much reading in 2015, since I’m too busy finishing my own book, and I read multiple books by the same authors so my list is rather short. I am adding the authors I have discovered and added to TBR to make it 10.

Here is my Top 10:

Authors whose books I have read in 2015:

1. Mark Lawrence

Discovered via the blogosphere looking for gritty fantasy to read while waiting for the new ASOIAF and Second Apocalypse books – I can safely say that Mark is the author of the future classics and the new king of Grimdark.
I’ve read 5 books by Mark Lawrence in 2015 and looking forward to The Wheel of Osheim. Future classics, I’m telling you!

2. Joe Abercrombie

I discovered Abercrombie along with Mark Lawrence, when I was looking for books to read to cure my ASOIAF hangover. I’m now a big fan of The First Law series. Joe’s characters are something else. Sand dan Glokta is the Raskolnikov of fantasy literature.

3. Graham Austin-King

Discovered via Facebook. Graham’s Riven Wyrde Saga is an awesome fantasy read. It has the dose of great magic lacking in the realistic fantasy books, yet it’s not your typical heroic epic fantasy. I particularly liked the martial arts training in the first book, the Norse inspired elements and the alien Fae world. Book 3 is releasing this Thursday, I’m so looking forward to read it!

4. Michael R. Fletcher

Discovered via word of mouth and blogosphere -I’m 320 pages into Beyond Redemption and utterly impressed with the depth of the characters ands the gritty setting. This book is a grimdark masterpiece.

Authors I discovered and added to TBR in 2015:

5. Robin Hobb

Discovered via word of mouth, my bookish friends swear up and down by the Farseer Trilogy and I’m planning to read it as soon as I finish the immediate review stack.

6. Mazarkis Williams

Discovered via social media, later on I found out she beta read The Broken Empire books by Mark Lawrence. Added Tower and Knife Trilogy to my TBR, the books sound quite promising for a fantasy lover.

7. Michael Sullivan

Discovered via Reddit /r/fantasy and the denizens there convinced me to read his Riyria series. I bought the first few books, planning to read them soon.

8. Sarah J. Maas

Discovered via blogosphere -since the majority of the book bloggers out there are focused on YA and everyone has been hyping the Throne of Glass series, I am planning to read it soon.

9. Marissa Meyer

Discovered via blogosphere -Lunar Chronicles sounded quite promising (even though I am not interested in reading scifi) so I decided to give it a shot.

10. Victoria Schwab

Discovered via blogosphere -A Darker Shade of Magic sounded very intriguing so I added it to my 2016 TBR as well.

What is your top ten?

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite New Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015

    • Thank you! I’m dying to read the Riyria and Farseer books, my bookish friends love those to death and I feel so uncool for not reading them just yet. But soon! As soon as I finish Beyond Redemption I;m staring on Robin Hobb.


    • I want to start soon as well. I actually picked up the first two books in the Tower and Knife trilogy by Mazarkis Williams in the beginning of the year, but I’d never heard of the author or the series before. Now that you mentioned that, I’m definitely bumping it up the priority list!

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    • Picky redditors swear by the Riyria books and they have awesome reviews so I bought them as a treat to myself. It’s so good to read good old sword&sorcery after all that grimdark. I read the Dragonlance Chronicles I never got around to reading when i took a little break from the grimdark 🙂

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    • Indeed! That was a great year. Last year I read GRRM and R. Scott Bakker, and re-read the Riftwar books. I hope I get to read more books this year. Looking forward to the grimdark YA series of Abercrombie, too!

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