Book Review: Fae: The Wild Hunt by Graham Austin-King

Fae: The Wild Hunt
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Grimdark
Series: The Riven Wyrde Saga
Author info:

This book was originally indie published, became the Kindle Book Review Award Semi-Finalist and just recently got bought out by Realmwalker Publishing Group. I have received a review copy from the author in exchange of an honest review and I must say this is a very impressive story with intriguing characters, great plot and gets extra points from me for not having the typical fantasy cliches.

What really impressed me is that the point of view characters’ storylines going in parallel, not connected to each other. This made me quite curious and I kept turning the pages, making wild guesses how they will connect to each other. And they eventually do connect with beautiful twists and turns. I have not seen this kind of thing before in any of the books I’ve read. Multiple POV is one thing, but bringing all of those separate storylines together with awesome twists is truly epic in my book.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Fae: The Wild Hunt by Graham Austin-King

  1. This sounds very tempting – I love the idea of the parallel viewpoints that intersect in a climactic fashion. I’ve seen it done really well in contemporary novels, but you’re right, it isn’t a favourite in speculative fiction.


    • Oh I read only genre fiction, I had no idea this technique was common in the contemporary fiction. I hope more authors give it a try in genre fiction.


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