And the BiblioSanctum #SPFBO Finalist is…

The BiblioSanctum

Since revealing our short list in the summer, we have been busy reading and reviewing our top six books in order to determine who will submit for the final rounds of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. While each of us has read all six of the books, we have posted reviews for two of those books each. Now it’s time for us to sit down and chat about our favourites and our not-so-favourites. What worked for Tiara? Why did Mogsy really like that book? Why did Wendy end up disappointed with her picks? Join us in our Sanctum Sanctorum as we sum up our thoughts and whittle it down to our finalist!

To start, let’s take a look at our six books again…

Assassin’s ChargeAssassin's Charge by Claire Frank SPFBO by Claire Frank

Reviewed by Mogsy: I enjoyed this book so much. The writing was strong from the get go, and I only became more…

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