Guest Post – Step into The Writer’s Pit with James Drake from Realmwalker Publishing

It’s me, Rob Matheny, resident Grimdark guru and podcast proliferator (is that even a thing?). I had the chance to launch a fun and exciting new podcast chock-full of writerly goodness, and our latest episode is no exception. Co-host Philip Overby (@Philip_Overby) and I sat down with James Drake, president of Realmwalker Publishing Group. Realmwalker is a relative newcomer to the indie publishing scene, but already doing quite well for themselves by bringing on some very talented writers. James is also a fantasy author. His series THE REALMWALKER CHRONICLES, written under the pseudonym Lee Aarons, has released two of twelve planned volumes. During the interview we discuss publishing (well, doi), we talk about marketing, using artwork in storytelling, and much more. To listen, click below, and to find out more about Realmwalker Publishing, check out