A Challenge For Book Bloggers

UPDATE: Volunteer bloggers have been found!

International best selling fantasy author Mark Lawrence came up with a brilliant idea and posted it in his blog. Quoting form his original post:
“Who knows how many Name of the Winds or [fill in your favourite] are lost to us because they just couldn’t be seen? None? A hundred?

So here’s my idea. It relies on the labour of others and so it could fizzle and die right now. But let’s see.

I know that many bloggers are very fast readers. Some read over 200 books in a year.

My proposal is to get X of these bloggers to volunteer to become ‘agents’. (X will be 10 or fewer).

Each blogger is assigned 25 self-published books, randomly selected from a list of volunteer authors.

These bloggers are NOT expected to read all of these books. Their task as ‘literary agents’ is to select the single book they want to put their reputation behind and “publish” into the next round of the exercise.”

Here is the link to the original post where you can find the details to sign up: http://mark—lawrence.blogspot.fi/2015/02/the-self-published-blogger-challenge.html

Naturally I signed up, let’s see if I can put myself in the shoes of the literary agents and read the slush pile. This will sure be an interesting challenge!

Are you in?