My Entry For The Prince of Fools Fan Art Contest

The last fan art piece I drew was for The Silmarillion, something like 10 years ago. I haven’t drawn anything for 6 years except for one lousy sketch I did in early 2013), lost all motivation to draw after some traumatizing life events and didn’t find it again -until now, thanks to Mark Lawrence for writing the superior literature which inspired me to draw fan art after such a long time, and thanks to Agnes Meszaros for organizing the fan art contest! I hope I will not let go of the pencils again!

The contest ends in May 15 so you still have the time to enter if you want to win a signed copy of The Liar’s Key, book #2 in Red Queen’s War series by Mark Lawrence (I’m reading book #1 now, titled Prince of Fools, it’s really a superb read with magnificent characters and storytelling)

Here is the link for all the details:

And the piece I entered. It’s not that great, I lost a chunk of my drawings skills due to inactivity but I am hoping to get them back. I really should draw Jorg soon!