My Writing Soundtrack – Part 3

Here comes the long awaited part 3 of my writing soundtrack with featuring even more eclectic goodies.

Part 1 can be seen here.

Part 2 can be seen here.

Rolandskvadet Harald Foss version

I featured the Medieval Trio version of this great medieval classic, but my personal favorite is the longer version performed by Harald Foss.

2 Hours of Fantasy Music by Derek Fiechter

I discovered this amazing indie gem on /r/Fantasy subreddit and it has been one of my favorite all day loop pieces for some time now. Created by a very talented indie musician, this sweet instrumental collection has all kinds of fantasy themes (each track featuring a beautiful fantasy art piece) including forest fairies, elves, pirates, dwarves and mermaids. I highly recommend this, well it’s not exactly suitable for writing grimdark but I did write some gritty scenes while listening to it. I can’t recommend this artist enough! He has several albums on iTunes and also a spotify channel. I’m planning to buy all of his albums since the songs here are such great inspiration for my writing, I could definitely use more great tracks.

2-Hours Epic Music Mix by various artists

This is a big compilation of instrumental cinematic music. It fits all kinds of fantasy themes, especially epic fantasy but not so much grimdark. I have this on loop quite often.

Acherontic Dawn – Defending Gaia

Great piece of battle and action scenes. One of my all time favorites of this genre.

Colossal Trailer Music – Memoria Invictus

This album is full of heroic and epic stuff, one of the best writing background tracks ever.

Cybertribe -Cry Of The Earth

How I discovered this one is rather funny. When I was on vacation with my metalhead BFF, we went to this badass cafe one night on this mountain village in the Aegean coast of Turkey and they were playing this song and the other one below. She totally fell in love with the songs and asked what they were called and who the artist was. It was sone random radio stream, the owner had no clue at all, so my BFF pulled all kinds of apps and found the songs. This and the below track have been our vacation music ever since. She drops the youtube links when the winter becomes unbearable, as a reminder and flashback trigger for the nice summer days.


Same as above 🙂

Seikilos Epitaph – Song of Seikilos

This beauty is an ancient Greek song, the oldest surviving example of a complete musical composition. It’s about 2000 years old. The notes and the lyrics have been excavated on an ancient Greek burial in the Aegean region of Turkey. The following text was carved on the tombstone:

I am a tombstone, an icon. Seikilos placed me here as an everlasting sign of deathless remembrance.

Translation of the lyrics:

While you live, shine
Don’t suffer anything at all;
Life exists only a short while
And time demands its toll.

Ancient Roman Music by Musica Romana – Pugnate II

This is a double track featuring “Risus Sativus” and “Hymnus Dianae” from Pugnate album. This is apparently what ancient Roman music sounds like and I love it. The whole album is one of my regular ‘put it on the loop and write’ things.

My Writing Soundtrack – Part 2

I finally have the energy to write the second part of my writing background music list. This part features Icelandic and Finnish folk music, game soundtrack compilations and some instrumental pieces.

Part 1 can be seen here.

Peaceful Jeremy Soule Compilation

This is one of my top 5 most frequently played pieces since it has all my favorite tracks from Oblivion and Skyrim. It includes Morrowind tracks too. I never played Morrowind but I love the music all the same. I am not a fan of the battle music and enemy warning music, so this compilation is just perfect!

Alls Well – Oblivion

This is my ultimate all time favorite in Oblivion game and the reason I spent countless hours shopping in town cause that one plays mostly when you are in the shopping districts. Beautiful harp and medieval tune.

3 Hours of Epic & Powerful Fantasy Music: Legendary – GRV MegaMix

This mix is epic and powerful as the title states. It features cinematic style music by different artists. There’s all kinds of great stuff here fitting every sort of mood and atmosphere, from desert treks to battle scenes. This is one of my top 5 most frequently played favorites. The artworks features in the video are awesome too, I play it as background music but take a look at the artwork every now and then for inspiration.

Icelandic Folk Song – Völuvísa

Harald Foss – Stilla

Another great medieval piece performed by Harald Foss.

Loituma – Kun Mun Kultani Tulisi (Finnish folk music)

Lyrics and translation here. Beautiful and haunting as typical Finnish folk music.

Auðn – Þjáning Heillar Þjóðar (Atmospheric Black Metal from Iceland)

I have no idea how to pronounce it but it’s a damn good piece. Great for sorcery scenes or anything dramatic and grimdark. I love this song.

Medieval 2 Total War Arabic Battle Theme

Since I’m writing some battle scenes in the desert, this piece is quite fitting. I never played Medieval Total War (not my kind of game, I’m more into fantasy roleplaying stuff like the Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age games) but I love its soundtracks.