Indie Authors Beware: They Are Pirating Paper Copies of Your Books

Author Jo Robins warns us about a new form of book piracy in her eye opening blog post. I was seriously disturbed to read this , apparently the intellectual property thieves don’t just pirate the ebooks but paper books too. They print the hard copies at cheap small cafe presses and sell them cheaper than the Amazon price by marking up the shipping cost. Some of them offer free shipping, perhaps they use small presses in poor countries to cut down the costs or use very low quality recycled paper, I really have no idea.

What’s certain is they are pirating indie books left, and and center and this dirty theft is done by some top rated power sellers on ebay who sell MILLIONS of books. Jo reports that she has seen indie books in their listings. You need to stay vigilant and report the copyright infringements to Ebay immediately. Ebay recommends you’ll need to participate in their Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program. To join the VeRO Program, you will need to fill out a Notice of Claimed Infringement (NOCI) form for the listings of your books you find and report for copyright violation. Ebay will remove those listings and the sellers will hopefully take a hit and learn better.

Author and blogger friends please help me inform the community by spreading this post far and wide. Indie authors are not rich people, many of us are struggling to make ends meet and it’s extremely disturbing that the pirates are selling more of our books than we do, imagine you sell 10 copies on Amazon but the pirates sell hundreds of your books and pocketing the money while you are struggling out there. It’s hurting both your revenues and your Amazon ranking. Let’s spread the word and inform all indie authors we know.

Jo Robinson

Something’s got me seriously confused. I saw a post about getting your books taken down from some pirate sites, so as a matter of interest I googled mine again, and found that not only has African Me been loaded on to heaps more torrent sites for free or paid download, but that now Shadow People has joined the pirate party as well. The thing that’s got me wondering is that they’re both being offered on ebay too as paper books. I stopped looking after four different sellers there. (Click on pics to see them bigger)

African Me Satellite TV Robinson Jo 1492719102   eBay.png1

At first I thought it could be a reader selling them second hand, but when I had a proper squiz I saw that they’re being offered as brand new/unopened. The sellers have multiple copies too – ten each mostly in stock, and they’re selling them for less than what Amazon’s charging for them.

Shadow People The Finding Robinson Jo   eBay

I looked…

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