Amazing Reading Nooks For The Fellow Bookworms

I came across this collection of amazing reading nooks on Boredpanda. My favorite is this one here, since it’s the closest thing to medieval fantasy setting (imagining those lights are fairy lights):

This rustic one is my second favorite:

If I get rich one day, I will buy a farmhouse in the woods and have both of those built in there. I suppose they would be awesome writing nooks, too.

Well, if you buy all of them in hardcover I will let you come over and read in my awesome reading nooks 😀 What better incentive to buy my books than this? One can only dream!

Here is the link to see all of them:

15+ Reading Nooks Perfect For When You Need To Escape This World

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween and blessed Samhain to all (whichever you celebrate)

I did writing and baking all day, more like writing bits and pieces of my new chapter while baking gluten free pumpkin spice muffins and pumpkin pie. All of them turned out awesome.

I used the flesh of a real pumpkin (the jack-o-lantern pumpkin) instead of canned pumpkin loaded with chemicals and high fructose can syrup. They don’t have it in Finland anyway and the real thing tastes waaaaaay better. Besides the whole Halloween spirit is about carving the pumpkin and making stuff with its flesh. Where’s the fun and joy when you buy it canned and processed from the store?

Anyways here are the recipes if anyone would like to try them out -they turned out splendid!

Old fashioned pumpkin pie (I made the pie crust myself using buckwheat flour, used the repice for the filling only)

Gluten free pumpkin spice muffins






This is supposed to be a bookish blog, not a food blog so I will make my Halloween reading recommendations.

2 free gritty horror stories from Mark Lawrence:

Dark Tide

Locked In

Los Nefilim books by Teresa Frohock:

Interesting Lies Triumph Over The Boring Facts

I wrote this elsewhere but I feel like posting it here for the record. It’s good info and I thought I should blog it.

Suetonius – The Lives of The 12 Caesars is the equivalent of the National Enquirer (The Sun for you Brits)
Tacitus – The Annals is the equivalent of The Wall Street Journal (The Guardian for you Brits)

Unfortunately most everything known by the layman on the street about Rome (popularized by the classic literature & theater, then movies and TV) comes from the horrendous libel of Suetonius. Tacitus is too boring for the masses (and quite unfortunately, the great minds who wrote the aforementioned literary classics…)

The conclusion: People love scandal and drama and they will take the lies if the truth is too boring (for the lack of a better word…)

Caligula had commissioned the biggest ships of the world which were colossal marvels of engineering. Their like was not seen again until the middle ages. They had separate hot and cold water piping, advanced pumping systems, even ball bearings. The advanced plumbing technology was lost after the fall of Rome and not discovered again until the middle ages. Not to mention the two huge aqueducts he had built.

But when you utter his name the first thing coming to people’s mind is the outrageous sex scandals (bulk of which were fabricated by Suetonius and Cassius Dio, who are discredited by the modern scholars like Professor John Pollini, a leading expert of ancient Mediterranean/Roman history)

The same for Nero, the same for Augustus. Augustus was deified and hero-worshipped by those scandal mongering chroniclers but he had quite a few flaws and wrongdoings. Nero never burned Rome, the man wasn’t even Rome when it burned. Neither did he fiddle watching it, fiddles didn’t even exist back then. He composed a lament with lyre, after returning to Rome and seeing the devastation there, which was twisted around as ‘Nero burned Rome and fiddled while he watched it’ and it’s now cemented solid in the collective hive memory.

It’s all good to put the scandal and drama in fiction but it’s mighty wrong when this is done to history and it becomes famous enough to replace the facts.

Greetings from the dark side

come to the dark side

Come to the dark side

I was too busy moving my stuff to the new place, so instead of a post I am sharing this awesome photo of Loki.

Happy Birthday Professor!


Today is the birthday of the father of fantasy literature. Professor Tolkien was born on January 3, 1892 and became immortal after laying the foundations of fantasy literature. Happy birthday, professor!


Happy new year!


My new year resolutions are to finish writing and editing my first novel and to successfully complete the TBR challenge. What are yours?

May the new year bring success, sales and tons of blog traffic to all of us, authors and bloggers alike!