Crash Course on Infodump

Here’s a dirty secret: Every writer infodumps. Authors with famously beautiful, or infamously sparse prose? They infodump. Your favorite author? Infodumps. They might do it evocatively or without the reader realizing that’s what it is, but they do it.

Well, if you’re Hemingway, and are fine with it taking four reads to just ferret out the subject of the piece, you might not infodump. But chances are, if you’re reading this, you aren’t looking to be Hemingway.

So let’s drop the superior attitude it’s so easy to have about infodump. Instead, let’s figure out some key tips to making infodump seamless. Or even, if you’re particularly good at it, one of the better parts of the story.

Tip One: Minimize

This is going to sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget it in the moment.

Before you even start, first figure out how much info you absolutely must dump. What…

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