Signed Holy Sister ARC giveaway

that thorn guy

On this blessed day of Saint Nicholas I’m delighted to announce a giveaway where you can win a signed (or dedicated) Advance Reading Copy of the much anticipated final volume of the Book of the Ancestor trilogy,




To participate simply comment below this post and answer any (or all three) of the following three questions:


1. Which of Mark’s books was the first one you read and what made you get a copy?

2. Do you have a favourite book by Mark? If yes, what makes it special for you?

3. Which of his characters would you like to read about in a new short story?


The giveaway will end on Christmas Eve, 24th December 2018 and as usual, I will ask Mark to randomly select a winner.

This is, as always, an international giveaway, anyone can enter!

Wishing you the best of…

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3 thoughts on “Signed Holy Sister ARC giveaway

  1. How fantastic! Here are my answers….

    1. Red Sister was the first one I read, although it wasn’t the first one I bought. I was convinced to buy it because it was a separate series in a different world (and so I wouldn’t be spoiled on his other series), and because it was about a Convent, assassins, and assassin/spy nuns. All of those things are like catnip to me.

    2. I think Grey Sister is my favorite one so far. I’ve only read Red Sister, Grey Sister, and Prince of Thorns though so maybe I’ll change my mind on that someday. However, I loved the action, how we got to know the characters even better, and how great the set-up of the story for the final book was done. I can’t wait to read what happens next!

    3. Sister Kettle. No doubt. I’d read an entire trilogy/series about her life. Preferably written like Nona’s, starting from a young age until we meet her in the Book of the Ancestor series.


  2. 1. Prince of Thorns. Heard great things about it, especially in regard to Jorg, and because the blurbs drew me in. Ended up being one of my favorite books of all time (so much so that I have 3 copies of it).
    2. Probably Red Sister. It gave me the opportunity to start a fresh trilogy by Mark right out of the gate instead of years later. Nona has continued to grow on me through Grey Sister and I’m interested to see what becomes of our little novice in Book 3.
    3. I would love another Jorg short story. I really enjoyed Road Brothers and I feel that there is still tons Mark has left to show us.


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