Should I post my writing soundtrack?

I listen to some rather underrated stuff known to only hardcore medieavalists and fantasy music nerds when I write. Most of it is Scandinavian folk songs, medieval music with some ancient Roman stuff thrown in, Byzntine Orthodox chants, some pagan and folk metal, some more mainstream stuff like video game soundtracks and folk/pagan/Viking metal, and some great pieces from an indie artist and a Finnish composer who made a lot of medieval/Celtic/Viking themed movie soundtrack style albums.

I also compiled a list of medieval Yule songs from the Britis Isles and Iceland during the Christmas season too, not wanting to hear the usual boring drivel I heard a million times. Those were quite interesting and people loved them when I posted on FB.

Maybe it’s about time I share the soundtrack, both for the fellow authors looking for fresh new background music for writing, and the future readers who might be interested what inspired some of the scenes in my book(s).

16 thoughts on “Should I post my writing soundtrack?

  1. There is one killer song by an unknown, underground Greek band no one has heard of (I discovered it by sheet dumb luck while doing research for something else) but unfortunately I need to leave that one out cause it’s about a historical event which has greatly inspired the first book of the trilogy I’m writing, and it would be a major spoiler to share it. I will post it after the book is out, with spoiler warnings.

    Icelandic, Finnish, Norwegian music is out of this world beautiful, I will make the post soon then!


  2. I am trying to generate a bit of interest in my blog which I have set up to give people an insight into the music I create and, most importantly, to get people to shake off any fears they may have of putting their own creative talents online. The original music I write may not be for everyone but the topics which they explore are and can be felt by everyone….give it a look if you have a few minutes to spare:


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