I have a secret

I was reading Amanda Hocking’s blog and saw she created Pinterest inspiration boards for her books.

Now the confession: I created such a board last year when I seriously started writing this book. But it’s a private, secret board and no one gets to see it. I think I might show a couple of the figures closest to how I imagined my characters, which I have sourced on Pinterest, once the script is complete. Then again I might not.

But I am planning to share the playlist of various characters and scenes at some point and I think it’s eclectic and diverse enough that everyone will find something they like.

3 thoughts on “I have a secret

    • That kind of thing works with the YA and romance genre (A lot of the bloggers who review books in those genres are very active on Pinterest) but I wrote grimdark-realistic fantasy so I doubt it will really work, it might even be awkward. The playlist should be cook tho, I have all kinds of good stuff ranging from Viking metal to medieval folk music, and lots of role playing video game music. But one thing is certain, I am going to draw some of my characters at some point!

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