Book Review: The Liar’s Key by Mark Lawrence

The Liar's Key

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Grimdark
Series: Red Queen’s War
Author info:

““Throw away too much of your past and you abandon the person who walked those days. When you pare away at yourself you can reinvent, that’s true enough, but such whittling always seems to reveal a lesser man, and promises to leave you with nothing at the end.”

― Mark Lawrence, The Liar’s Key

Prince of Fools was great but this book erased the last traces of The Broken Empire hangover for good. Our guy Jalan goes on adventures with his companions, he travels through the North and the South, incredibly funny things and very sad, dark things take place along the way.

I had to put the book down due to an uncontrollable laughing fit -The Liar’s Key features the most hilarious sex scene ever. I can’t say much lest I spoil the fun, you will have to read and see for yourself. We get to find out more about Loki’s key and Snorri’s hopeless quest to bring his slain family back to life using it.

Jalan, Snorri and Tuttugu pick up another companion, a young Völva called Kara, who has a few tricks up her sleeve. I must mention there is another hilarious scene where I had to put the book down to laugh like a madman. Considering quite a few people put King of Thorns down to weep, I can say Mark Lawrence is a true genius.

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