Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Debut Fantasy Authors


Top Ten Tuesdays meme is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and this week’s theme is the debut authors. You can see my eclectic taste in fantasy in the below top 10 list, including Grimdark, Epic Fantasy and YA Fantasy. Click on the cover images to go to the Goodreads pages for the books.

Here is my Top 10:

1. Michael R. Fletcher

2. Peter Newman

3. Brian Staveley

4. Erika Johansen

5. Victoria Aveyard

6. Sabaa Tahir

7. Fran Wilde

8. Ilana C. Myer

9. Genevieve Cogman

10. Lucy Hounsom

What is your top ten?

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Debut Fantasy Authors

    • All of these sound great, I think they have much potential. Indeed, “Beyond Redemption” fits that description, and so much more! Out of all them, I’m most intrigued by that one. Also, “The Invisible Library.” I love books about books, it’s the meta in me.

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  1. Hi, Leona. I’m a long way past my debut, and you may be a tough audience for me. But I’d be very interested to see how you respond to my books. The new one, The Temple, just came out, and I’m looking for reviewers. (It’s No. 8 in the series, though, so you probably wouldn’t want to start there.)

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    • I knew I forgot something….. Damnit. I see the Twelve Knights everyday on my Facebook feed, quite ironically that’s why I forgot to add it… boo!


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