How Not To Treat Editors (and people!): A Documentary


At some point, you are going to clash with people.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s part of the human race. People will disagree with each other over everything from the merit of a hipster coffee blend to the superiority political stances. This is completely fine. I’ve disagreed with countless people in my time, spanning best friends to complete strangers. Again, this is perfectly fine, and it’s always good to be exposed to alternative ideas and opinions, if only to reaffirm your own. Not everyone has to like what everyone else likes. Nothing wrong with it.

Except when it gets ugly.

To put it in perspective, I’ll sketch an example: a month or so ago I had a submission for StarShipSofa (they didn’t follow the guidelines at all, but that’s irrelevant). I politely declined, saying the story just didn’t work for me and thanking them for the…

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