One Lovely Blog Award


I thank Lee Dugion ( for nominating me.

The rules:

1) Thank the person who nominated you

2) List the rules (I’m doing it) and display the award

3) List 7 facts about yourself

4) Nominate 15 others bloggers. You have to let your nominees know you’ve nominated them by a comment on their site.

Here we go:

  1. I have a commercial pilot license (with instrument rating).
  2. My first writing accomplishment was winning the horror story contest of a popular radio station in Istanbul way back in high school.
  3. I’m a metalhead, particularly fond of Scandinavian death and black metal (even though I don’t even remotely look like it!)
  4. I’m an eclectic pagan.
  5. I’ve read the Silmarillion half a dozen times and re-read it every couple of years.
  6. I’ve moved overseas twice.
  7. I’m a medieval re-enactor and I love going to medieval festivals.
  8. 1. Katie Cross 2. Bookwraiths 3. Lynn’s Book Blog 4. Sara Letourneau 5. S.J. Higbee 6.The Book’s the Thing 7. Pages Unbound 8. mightythorjrs 9. Tricia Drammeh 10.theowlladyblog 11.The Well of Lost Nerds 12. Bending Over Bookwards  13. Flaggfan 14. Blodeuedd 15. Book Poisoning

Next part of my YA fantasy books without love triangles series is coming soon, stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Pingback: The One Lovely Blog Award | Sara Letourneau's Official Website & Blog

    • I am no longer with Realmwalker, but going yo pursue a well established genre publisher or self pub. The title of the book changed as well, I made a lot of changes to the story, The Coin of Liberius will be book 2 of the series 🙂

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  2. Interesting facts. ^ ^ I really need to read the Simarillion. I know a lot about it, but I haven’t read it myself. Medieval reenactor. So cool!

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