Podcast – Talking Wattpad and Book Covers with Holly Heisey

I trust everyone had a satisfactory weekend? Splendid! It’s Rob Matheny (@RobMatheny80) back with another great interview with a talented author and designer. Holly Heisey is her name, and Wattpad is her game. Holly has been a finalist for the Writers of the Future contest, she’s also a skilled book cover designer and illustrator. During out chat we cover some Wattpad basics, how authors can utilize the platform to both direct readers to their books and get feedback; we talk about her science fantasy novel The Emperor of Time; and some basics to consider when indie writers tackle the important task of designing an eye catching book cover. Co-hosted by my were-badger loving buddy and author Philip Overby (@Phlip_Overby), you can find Holly at HollyHeisey.com, or on Twitter @HollyHeisey.

Click below to listen & download.

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What do you think? How can authors use Wattpad to reach out to new readers?

Do you think book cover design is important?

What are your thoughts on what constitutes a great cover?

Chime in!

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