Spontaneous piece I just wrote on a whim

It’s so dark ahead. No hint of light, not even a spark. I walk blindly, stepping on the stones floating in the void. I don’t know how but my feet seem to find them somehow. Yet taking each step terrifies me all the same. The stones get smaller by the yard. It’s like walking on eggshells. Someone else would have given up and jumped into the void a long time ago.

It was a solid road many miles back. Then I stepped into the first hole, almost losing my balance. Holes became bigger and bigger and before I knew it, the road turned into stepping stones floating in the void. I wonder whether the stones will disappear or start getting bigger after a while, turning into a proper road again. With each new step I doubt the latter is likely to happen. I wonder whether it’s the curiosity to see which one will take place or the hope to get my feet on a decent road that keeps me going.

This is the one way road to death or salvation, either you keep going or you let yourself fall into the void. There is no going back. We all knew it and took the risk, leaving our cursed lives behind. But not everyone makes it. Some fall, some lose all hope and jump down. I ain’t jumping, though. If I can’t find any more stones, I will sit on the last stone and live out my days there. I take one more step, the next stone is barely bigger than my feet. I stand here, in the dark, feet balanced on those small stones. I stare into the void. Up, down, doesn’t matter, I stare in every direction. No hint of light, not even a spark. Damn. I’m sick of walking on eggshells, I want something different. I keep staring. I don’t know how long. I keep staring, but I see nothing. Nothing at all. And then I close my eyes… When I close my eyes, it stares back.

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