My Entry For The Prince of Fools Fan Art Contest

The last fan art piece I drew was for The Silmarillion, something like 10 years ago. I haven’t drawn anything for 6 years except for one lousy sketch I did in early 2013), lost all motivation to draw after some traumatizing life events and didn’t find it again -until now, thanks to Mark Lawrence for writing the superior literature which inspired me to draw fan art after such a long time, and thanks to Agnes Meszaros for organizing the fan art contest! I hope I will not let go of the pencils again!

The contest ends in May 15 so you still have the time to enter if you want to win a signed copy of The Liar’s Key, book #2 in Red Queen’s War series by Mark Lawrence (I’m reading book #1 now, titled Prince of Fools, it’s really a superb read with magnificent characters and storytelling)

Here is the link for all the details:

And the piece I entered. It’s not that great, I lost a chunk of my drawings skills due to inactivity but I am hoping to get them back. I really should draw Jorg soon!


2 thoughts on “My Entry For The Prince of Fools Fan Art Contest

  1. Hey, you need to “own” your work…not everyone can do this, although, more people might be surprised what they could come up with artistically if they had the courage to let go and just do matter what anyone else thought. Sometimes we don’t always like the outcome of our work..but it’s still art and it’s still something that no one else on the planet could have done the way you did it…I think it’s good…just keep working those artistic muscles…remember, muscle has memory…it will all come back sooner than you know…good luck!


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