A Reader’s Ramblings On Self Promotion

The Adventures of A Bookworm

So, a while back, Brian McClellan posted about authors and self promotion. This was followed by responses from Mark Lawrence and Michael J. Sullivan. All of these are authors that I respect and like, and in two out of three cases, am also a fan of their work. But I want to talk about the issue – from the other side of the fence, as it were. If you’re wondering why I took so long to respond, you have Robert Jordan to thank. Also, because I’ve been thinking about the same issue myself, because of this blog.

Okay, I 100% accept that authors need to do self promotion. There millions of books out there. Thousands are published each year. The book industry is like a street market, except there are thousands upon thousands of stalls/shops. So with the exception of the most popular ones like Harry Potter or Hunger…

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