Short Story Review: Sleeping Beauty by Mark Lawrence

A grand example of Mark Lawrence’s fantastic prose, this story is great as a standalone but you will really enjoy it after reading Prince of Thorns and King of Thorns, the first two books of The Broken Empire series.

It is so much more than the point of view of a sociopath antihero, it marries the grimdark with science fiction and does it with such skill with words it’s almost lyrical -poetic darkness at its finest.

I purchased it for 99 cents on Amazon, a small price for such a fun read.

One thought on “Short Story Review: Sleeping Beauty by Mark Lawrence

  1. I’ve been trying real hard not to read this and the other Broken Empire short story… just yet. I loved Jorg so much and flew the trilogy, that I don’t want to go through all the material so quick and have nothing left!


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