I need a favor please

Update: It’d resolved. WordPress restored his blogging privileges back after we protested their unfair actions. Thanks everyone for all the help!



This gentleman is one of my favorite bloggers, he has been kind to the blogger community helping out the struggling new bloggers, giving us a space to meet and network. WordPress.com unfairly and unjustly suspended his account cause he liked and followed too many people, which is total and utter stupidity.

Is it a crime to follow and like the posts of the bloggers you find valuable? What bullshit is this? They could put a limit to maximum number of blogs you can follow with a ratio of your followers, just like Twitter. But no, instead they secretly flag people in an insidious manner, then take away their privileges without notice with bullshit excuses.

I think we should stand up against such unfair policies as the blogger community. I filled up the form and wrote the same things I wrote in the above paragraphs. If you think the same, please join me in helping OM. If nothing, he deserves the favor for being a kind person and helping out the blogger community.

2 thoughts on “I need a favor please

  1. They dumped him because he liked to read? How bizarre can you get? They should have that out front, for sure. Of course, if people discovered their reading could be limited, that might cut back on how many people came here.


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