Progress Update: The prologue is now live and I need some feedback

As some of you know, I have the bad habit of writing out of order. Even though I have written 40k words, the prologue was still not done. I had a hard time deciding what to put in the prologue, I had been struggling with it for some time while making progress with the later chapters. Well, now it’s out of the way!

After rewriting a few times and ditching a lot of stuff out of it, I finally finished the prologue of my first novel. Since I need to keep up my reputation for being utterly fearless, I put the whole thing on Wattpad. Feel free to rip it into shreds and let me know what you REALLY think in the comments section below.

My skin is thicker than dragon hide, I have no ego to bruise whatsoever, I might even manage to write a better version if the audience says it’s utter crap. Please don’t hold anything back. I really mean it I have no ego to bruise and I have thick skin.
If there is anything wrong with it, I want to know.
If I screwed up somewhere, I really need to know so I can fix it.
I am quite happy about finally finishing this damn prologue but I will be even happier to make it perfect. This is where you come in.

Anyone who writes a comment and gives some feedback (positive or negative, does not matter!) will get twitter promotion from me.

3 thoughts on “Progress Update: The prologue is now live and I need some feedback

    • Why thank you! I feel quite self conscious about my writing to tell the truth. The title is not the real title of hte book, it’s the title for the prologue. I might upload chapters 1& 2 there, when I am near finishing the manuscript. Does it really sound interesting enough?


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