Book Review: The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

The Wise Man's Fear

Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Kingkiller Chronicle
Author Info:

Warning: Might contain mild spoilers.
Review for the first book

I must say this book is even better than The Name of The Wind. The stories are much more exciting to read, the adventures are absolutely thrilling and we get to learn more about Kvothe and the other characters. I am particularly happy that I got to read more of Elodin. Dear Patrick Rothfuss, please put more Elodin parts in Doors of Stone. (Confession moment: I have a crush on Elodin…)

Auri is my other favorite character, and I’m happy to see more scenes of her too. Her dialogues with Kvothe made me warm and fuzzy inside. Such a sweet and likeable character.

I must add that the university scenes in this book are even better than those in The Name of the Wind. I was quite excited about Kvothe’s adventures in Ademre after seeing the mention of them in some reviews, but those parts disappointed me, except for exploring the alien culture parts. Generally speaking, I found the Ademre chapters sort of boring. Not awfully boring, but not exciting, either. I was very happy when Kvothe finally got out of there.

I felt like strangling Denna more than once, but I am quite happy about Kvothe’s love life. Saying anything more would spoil it, thus I can’t go into the details. Denna still sucks, but there is some justice at last, this is all I can say.

Kvothe’s adventures in Vintas were the best. I loved the court politics, the subplots and the chess game sort of dialogues. I really have a thing for mental chess games between sharp witted characters.

There were quite a few awesome quotes in this book, and a lot of wisdom. I should print out some of those and them on the fridge door. The tales by the campfire during the travels were really good. I really like the stories characters tell, Rothfuss masterfully weaves all the lore and myths into the main story by using these storytelling dialogues.

Verdict: Buy it! I will re-read this after I’m done with my TBR stack.

Rating: 4.5/5 Roman Solidus


9 thoughts on “Book Review: The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

    • I started reading this while waiting for Book #3 of The Aspect-Emperor by R. Scott Bakker. I started reading the Prince of Nothing (to which the Aspect-Emperor is the sequel) while waiting for The Winds of Winter by george Martin. I will start reading The Black Company Chronicles while waiting for book #3 of this. It’s like a nesting Russian doll, starting one incomplete series after the other, while waiting for the last book, ROFL.

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  1. I didn’t find the second book quiet as good- for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. Denna is incredibly annoying and there are some very slow parts. I agree that the court intrigue was great, but all the segments of the story felt disconnected and at the end there was a feeling of ‘…so what?’
    (That said, I’m so keen for the next one, so Rothfuss is obviously doing something right!)

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  2. I’m very much with bendingoverbookwards. I enjoyed it but I enjoyed the first one more. It felt like it could have done with the benefit of losing a couple of hundred pages. Some of the adventures seemed very convoluted ways to drive the story forward. That said, Rothfuss clearly knows a thing or two as I read the 900+ page monster in a little under a week. I too am looking forward to reading part 3, whenever that may be.

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    • Rothfuss definitely knows how to keep the reader engaged. I read both books in 2 weeks, and had a very hard time putting them down. I’d probably read even faster if I wasn’t in the middle of moving. Strange that I like this book better than the first, maybe because I like the more detailed stuff in the university, the Maer business and more Elodin, but there were some detached ‘meh’ parts. Now I’m reading Slow Regard For Silent Things, review for that coming soon.

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