Book Review: The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind

Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Kingkiller Chronicle
Author Info:

This book has been in my TBR pile for months and I’m glad to move it to the top of the pile and read it. The name of Wind is twice the usual length of a standard novel with its 695 pages, but it’s an easy read, packed with action and adventures.

The Name of the Wind is about the earlier life of the main character Kvothe. The world building is extremely detailed with the legends, customs, religion and culture. However, this book has no plot. You didn’t hear me wrong: There is no plot! There are many subplots, stories, adventures, but no main plot, yet it’s still a great book and I actually noticed the lack of the plot when I was past page 600.

Kvothe is a complex character, quite a likable fellow.Not the type I’d swoon over and fangirl about, but I loved him like a brother. There were several instances where I wanted to slap him real hard, though, which means he’s extremely realistic. Some bloggers stated that Kvothe’s time at the university sounded like Harry Potter, but I must disagree with that. It’s nothing like Harry Potter at all. I really didn’t see any parallels there. The system of magic is quite well thought and designed like science. It’s quite different from the usual magic systems you see in role playing games and the books based on or inspired by them. It’s original, different and kind of reminds me of the actual occult systems and alchemy lore. The University sounds like the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and the school of Alexandria, not like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts.

Some of the professors are quite notable characters. There was not much explanation about the mysterious Chandrian and the fae, so I am waiting to find out more about them in the second book. My favorite parts in The Name of the Wind were Kvothe’s dialogs with elusive Auri. The dialogs in those scenes are perhaps the best of all. I didn’t think it was possible to write a great fantasy book without a dark lord type adversary and a main plot, but The Name of the Wind proves me wrong. It’s an excellent story, or collection of stories and adventures, and the proof that you don’t need a big bad villain or a main plot to make it a great book. Patrick Rothfuss did a truly impressive job here.

I highly recommend all fantasy and magic lovers to read this book. It takes you to a very different, fairy tale-ish world you don’t want to ever leave.

Rating: 4.5/5 Roman Solidus


11 thoughts on “Book Review: The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

  1. After reading a million positive reviews and even it being recommended to me by a book store employee I picked up both this and “A Wise Mans Fear” awhile ago extremely excited to read both. I expected a lot from this but what I got was an overwritten borefest. I just don’t understand what people see in this book, I barely finished it out of boredom. It’s a boring unimaginative parents killed by evil, boy is homeless, is awesome so he goes to magic school while bitching about some vague girl the whole time. No plot, no excitement, weak character development, I just don’t get it.


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    • It’s whimsical but realistic at the same time, the kind of story which takes you away into another world and you feel a massive withdrawal when you finish reading the series.


    • Oh you will loooooooove it, I guarantee! I have written spoiler free reviews ot all Rothfuss books, you can see them on my blog (most of my reviews are spoiler free or very minimal minor spoilers if it’s involving the books after the first book in a series)


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