Book Review: Silverthorn by Raymond E. Feist


Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Riftwar Saga
Author Info:

Warning: This review may have some minor spoilers for the first book of the series.
Review for the first two books (which were combined into a single big book in later editions)

This book features a typical damsel in distress plot, which leads to a bigger, dark lord plot to continue in the third book. Even though the plots are nothing special, the characters, the dialogs and the adventures make up for it. Jimmy the Hand and Macros the Black really shine here. Jimmy, the beloved favorite of many Riftwar fans, is the superstar of this book. Arutha is also pretty awesome. Thought I liked Jimmy and Arutha from the first book, I really bonded with these two after reading Silverthorn.

Pug’s return to Kelewan and the grand adventure waiting for him are also well done. There is romance, action, adventure and heroic quests in Silverthorn. The female characters are weak and cliche, but I can promise you will see stronger, much more realistic female characters in the latter books of the Riftwar universe. The story moves along smoothly, and even though I found the plots cliche, considering the fact that the series was published in the 80’s, this is not a huge drawback for me. Comparing it to the modern fantasy series, which have much more complicated characters and complex plots would not be appropriate. Same goes for the Dragonlance Chronicles. This is why I’m giving it 4 stars, for I tend to judge the books by the era they were published, thus it would not be right to expect the complexity we see in the books published much later. Besides, reading the growth of Jimmy the Hand character is quite enjoyable.

Rating: 4/5 Roman Solidus


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