From stranger to ally: How to contact an editor

This is a very informative article about the editing process and what to expect from an editor.

Editor Queries

help wanted graphicWe put our hearts into our writing. So it’s no wonder that writers may feel a little trepidation about hiring an editor — trusting their work to someone who is, after all, a stranger. But it may surprise you to learn that editors may also feel some trepidation when they’re approached by a new client. If you know ahead of time what standard practices are, you can more easily assess whether an editor is professional. And if you know the red flags that make an editor cautious about taking on a project, you’ll have an easier time finding the editor who’s right for you and your writing. Here are some tips for contacting and hiring an editor.

Do a little research ahead of time. Look closely at the editor’s website, the Editorial Freelancers Association directory’s description of the editor’s services, or the editor’s LinkedIn profile. If you need a manuscript…

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2 thoughts on “From stranger to ally: How to contact an editor

  1. I use a proofreader rather than a copy editor, which is a little easier for control freak writers like myself to handle than full copy editing. A lot of what is said in the article applies there, though there seems to be a lot of complexity in that article which may not apply.

    I am going to put a URL to my proofreader’s web site here because she has written several quite informative things which I think aspiring writers looking to get editing done should consider. (And not just the one she got me to write for her on my first experience of using an editor.) Her views on doing more adult subjects were quite interesting, and given the volume of erotica being produced these days, it’s a subject to consider when contacting an editor.

    So find Kate here ( Hit the Blog button at the top for those articles.

    (Author’s dilemma just struck: I realise I created a character a while ago which I’m looking at finally bringing to fruition and I named her Kate for story reasons… Oh well, these little issues are sent to try us.)


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