Caveat Venditor—Five Mistakes KILLING Self-Published Authors

This is vital advice for indie authors, and I mean it needs to be printed out and tacked on the fridge door. Marketing self published books requires dedication and hard work, getting engaged in the community, being active in social media (and that does not mean spamming the amazon links to your book!) and writing MORE books. Amanda Hocking sold 1.5 million on Amazon as a self published author but she already published a dozen books and built a solid reader base over the years.

She had been blogging everyday for 2 years before she started selling serious numbers. It takes a lot of dedication to blog everyday and interact with people in social media. It requires sacrifice and takes months, if not years, to build an audience who will buy, read and promote your books if they are good.

Investing in a professional editor is also very important, it’s a business investment since self publishing is pretty much a small business venture as Kristen writes here.

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All right, it’s about to be a brand new year and many of you are wanting to finally see your books published. ROCK ON! But, I am the friend who will tell you if there is toilet paper hanging out of your pants. Writing isn’t all glitter and unicorns and I want to warn you of the most common stumbling blocks, because I really DO want you to succeed.

When I began writing I was SO SURE agents would be fighting over my manuscript. Yeah. But after almost fourteen years in the industry, a lot of bloody noses, and even more lessons in humility, I hope that these tips will help you.

Self-publishing is AWESOME, and it’s a better fit for certain personalities and even content (um, social media?), but we must be educated before we publish. In fact, my last book Rise of the Machines (cover above) is much…

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