A glimpse of my main characters

Here is a teaser post introducing the main characters in my WIP book. The descriptions are pathetically short but I had to keep it spoiler free.  Let me know what you think via comments.

Liberius – The main character, an accomplished general in the imperial army. Later on he becomes a rebel leader and deals justice in his own twisted way… And attracts the attention of the deities. He is a very complex antihero, and he cost me my main beta reader (the guy got too attached to him and was no longer able to give me objective feedback… damnit!)

Thalios – The emperor, whose reputation goes before him. He is a hero, famous for being a man of virtue, but his serious flaws cost him one too many times.

Rathar – Scheming and plotting for his own gain, to seize the throne and install a puppet emperor. He doesn’t hesitate to endanger the interests of the empire for is own goals.

Taron – The closest friend and accomplice of Liberius, supporting the emperor against Rathar’s faction.

Leira – Once the queen of the ice elemental race of Thua, she went on exile to the realm of the mortal men after losing her family in a tragic accident. She made fighting and killing the purpose of her new life and became the general of the reputed and feared mercenary army of women. She is an antihero with no real purpose, letting fate take her to the new adventures.

The mysterious spymaster – He has an extensive spy network installed in every corner of the empire, from the palace chambers to the lowliest inns. His spies cannot be found, no matter how hard they search. His motives are known to no one, though he seems to work for the good of the empire. Very few people ever got to meet him, without seeing his face, of course.

Rurahn – The god of chaos. He turns up to unleash chaos, as unexpected gifts or total mayhem. He is not good or bad, for chaos is just chaos and has no purpose. He does strange deeds, affecting the fates of many different people. He is quite unpredictable.

Rao – Half human and half ice elemental, he was the heir of a kingdom. He left everything to seek the arcane wisdom of the nature, and became a hermit-shaman in the wilderness. He comes out to prevent the world from falling into the ultimate chaos and destruction.

Mahar – One of the first people of the world, the immortal hermaphrodite race of Drugeri, who don’t deal with the mortals other than trading. He is a brilliant artist, engineer, scholar and many other things. He joins the cause of Liberius, since more than the empire is at stake.

P.S. The book is 1/3 done so there may be new characters. This is the “as of now” list.


6 thoughts on “A glimpse of my main characters

  1. I love the names: very Roman (which is one of my favorite eras). The half-human/half-ice elemental is an interesting twist. I’d would like to read more about him.

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  2. Sounds like you have a lot of great characters here – I’m with one of your previous commenters on the idea of the ice elemental hybrid. I get a very ‘Xena’ or ‘Furies of Calderon’ feel from this world (and that’s a good thing!). The antihero character also evoked thoughts of Ari Marmell’s Corvis Rebaine (fantastic character). If you’re causing my brain to think of characters and series like those, you’re doing it right.


    • Furies of Calderon is in my TBR stack, I haven’t heard of the others. But that lady is nothing like Xena, she’s perhaps a bit like Elric. You gotta beta read my chapters! I could always use a beta reader who is more knowledgeable in literature than I.


    • I’d be happy to read what you have, but one the best bits of advice on beta-reading I can give you about writing a novel is to only have a serious beta-read/proofread done under two circumstances: 1) the book is finished or 2) You’re stuck and need help identifying a problem with the story.

      That said, there’s nothing wrong with having someone read over things and tell you how it’s working so far!


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