Here is a fun challenge for authors

C.S. Boyack came up with a rather fun idea for writers. You pick your favorite items from your works of fiction for putting in a trophy case. Poetry counts, too. Unfinished books are also ok from what I gather. Make a blog post about the trophy case items you pick and where they are mentioned, then visit the original blog post where the game started and share it via comments:

My upcoming debut novel is roughly 1/3 done but I will participate anyway, it’s just too hard to resist this!

The title of my book is The Coin of Liberius and the first item is the mysterious coin in the title of the book. I can’t say much about it, for the sake of not spoiling my precious unpublished story. This coin is very special and everyone comes to suspect it has magical properties. But it was just an ordinary gold coin Lord Liberius pulled out of his coin purse. Liberius is an imperial army general who has absolutely nothing to do with sorcery. The mystery around the coin grows along with its fame.

The second item is shrouded in arcane mystery, for it’s a great artifact of power but it’s not a solid object one can get hold of. It’s the ethereal scepter of destiny, which grants undisputed authority to the newly crowned kings of a certain realm. Select few people who take part in the king-making ritual get to see a glimpse of it as the new king grabs it form the realm of the dead, and then it vanishes from sight until the king passes away and it’s time to crown a new king. (I have released the piece of prologue featuring this item on Wattpad)

The third item is from the partially written book #2 of the same trilogy, untitled for the time being (yes, I’m weird like that, I don’t follow order when I write.) This is the arcane locket of the Thua king Aerion. Thua are immortal creatures fashioned from the glaciers, you can say they are ice made into flesh. Aerion uses this locket to summon the Sylphs of air, the elemental female spirits who are bound to the locket.

So here are my trophy case items. What are yours?

Here is the list of items from Charles Yallowitz’s Legends of Windemere series:


9 thoughts on “Here is a fun challenge for authors

    • Taken out of context, anything can sound like a fairy tale. Of course, the Brothers Grimm would probably facepalm at the thought that we DON’T think of grimdark and terrible things shuffling about in the night when we think of the stories they left for us.


  1. I think it would be a neat story element for factions to fight over a coin they believe is magical but isn’t. I like the idea of an ethereal item. Can it only be summoned with the passing of the king? I also really like the glacier creatures. I’m a fan of stories that personify higher levels of consciousness.

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  2. A magical coin? That sounds awesome! I can’t wait to read it.

    If I had to choose three from my current WIP, I’d chose a mirror with a lion constructed of iron on the top, a leather bag, and all the books I mention!

    BTW- I’m so in love with the wallpaper on your site. It makes me want to curl up with a book and read!

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  3. That sounds like an interesting challenge. I’m not really sure what I would pick from any of the worlds I’ve created. I’ve never given the items in it that kind of thought. Mayhaps I should?


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