Debut is Done and a Week Before a ‘Break’ . . . Woooo!

Congrats to Charles Yallowitz for releasing book 6 of The Legends of Windemere series. It’s now live on Amazon, I have purchased the entire series and will write review posts on them sometime in the near future (my TBR stack is rather enormous and I have a lot to read and review, but I will review at least the first book of the series hopefully before February)

Legends of Windemere

For those that might have missed the Friday fun:


Also on Goodreads.

The blog blast was a success and the sales at the time of writing this post are what they normally are.  Slow start since it’s part of a series and several marketing pieces haven’t gone live yet, but it made it into the 18,000 rankings.  If Compass Key taught me anything, it’s that it gets harder and harder to rocket out of the gate as you progress through a series.  At least for an indie author that doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of fans.  Contrary to popular belief, I’m not one of those people.  Anyway, this week will see the Twitter and FB pushing and any ranking announcements.  If I find any guest blog or interview sites then I’ll jump at those.

This is also…

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