Book Review: The Warrior Prophet By R. Scott Bakker

The Warrior Prophet
Genre: Fantasy, Fantasy Dystopia, Dark Fantasy
Series: The Prince of Nothing
Author Info: blog:

This is a spoiler free review. Read the review for the first book here.

This book lives up to the expectations set in the first book in terms of intellectual depth and character development. The holy war marches on and the trials and tribulations the host goes through are beautifully depicted. We see more atrocities from the terrible Consult, and more about the histories of the characters are uncovered. The battle scenes are much better and easier to read than most fantasy books I have read, they are quite realistic when I compare them to the battle scenes I have read in chronicles from 1000 years ago. The author has undoubtedly done in depth research on historical battles. Also, he writes the battle scenes form the point of view of multiple characters, which makes it more interesting and far from boring.

I must add that there are some ultimate badassery scenes here which have blown my mind.

After reading this book, the readers are divided whether Kellhus is the hero or the villain. Along with Kellhus, we glimpse the transformation of many of the characters, including the supporting characters, which is done brilliantly while the complex plot is unfolding some more.

Though this book has more graphic sexual and violence scenes (including very sick, twisted stuff) than the first book, so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart or the more conservative readers. But the intellectual depth and the philosophical aspects, along with the brilliant character development are jaw-dropping awesome.

Rating: 5/5 Roman Solidus


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