Writing Progress: General Status Report

Here is the progress report of my WIP novel The Coin of Liberius, for friends and acquaintances who wonder how the book is going. It’s going! But I took a little break from the writing to start this book blog and speed up reading some books I am planning to review. Also it’s extremely exhausting to write the novel while going to the intensive Finnish language classes while having a full time day job, therefore I will resume writing 2 weeks later when the class is over.

Anyway, here is the report:

Total word count: 32983 words
Finished chapters as of now: 3,5,6,8,9,10,11

WIP Chapter status:
Chapter 1: I’m trying different ideas since this will be a prologue… 900 words down on the new version
Chapter 4: The great battle chapter-About halfway done (4004 words down)
Chapter 7: The terrible, terrible tear jerker tragedy (teaser, not spoiler!)-Not yet written
Chapter 12: The epic military stuff, magic, alchemy and a bit of philosophy: Work in progress
Chapter 14: Wrote down the initial concept, will be written after the WIP chapters are all done.


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